Working area

We believe in these values.

  1. Youth development is the focus of everything we do and that 4-H allows individuals to unlock their potential through:
  • Active involvement in self-determination of their learning activities,
  • Quality experiences that stimulate skills for living and lifelong learning,
  • Relationships that empower people to voluntarily help themselves and each other, and
  • Interaction with caring adults and peers to create a positive family-like support system.
  1. Partnerships are essential in successful youth development for:
  • Resource development,
  • Program innovation,
  • Delivery capabilities,
  • Creating and delivering caring environments, and
  • Access to research-based knowledge.
  1. Volunteerism is fundamental to:
  • Delivering quality programs,
  • Developing adult educational capacity, and
  • Teaching youth to volunteer.
  1. Diversity strengthens the ability of 4-H to:
  • Develop positive values among program participants in today’s global society,
  • Develop and deliver quality educational experiences, and
  • Provide opportunities for program involvement regardless of economic, social, culture, age, disability, or gender.