Volunteering Nepal

One of the most important programs of 4-H Nepal is promote volunteering and mobilize to young people in different sector. 4-H Nepal already mobilized 5 hundred 67 young volunteer in earthquake affected area.  We are trying to build capability and trained them. After this rainy session we will mobilize our volunteer at school construction, teaching program and other agriculture awareness program.

Development Dialogue Forum (D2F)

D2F is a common platform for youth, policy maker, expert developer and donor agencies. In this program, we will discuss about Nepalese development model and its impact on country making. Mainly program will emphasize on kid development and plan, policy and program of Nepal government. Community development forum and National development forum is primary program of 4-h Nepal.

Youth to Youth (Y2Y)

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Youth to youth program is focusing on to share the experience, knowledge, expertise and skill base training for youth to youth. This program will conduct on the basis of sharing and caring likewise, one youth to another youth, one place to another place and national to international ideas will share. This activity will build self- reliance, life skill, learning method and agriculture issue. Youth to youth is a newly establish model to empower the young people.  It will affective to gain skill and knowledge. 4-H Nepal’s design Youth to youth program for villagers, illiterate, backward and indi...

Farming therapy

Farming therapy is new and innovative idea in Nepali context. This program is prepared for youngster. People are anguish from poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. Farmers are depending on traditional farming in the village, which isn't giving enough income for daily livelihood. Government of Nepal doesn't make effective plan in agriculture sector at rural areas, and unemployment ratio is growing day by day. In the other hand Nepalese youngster have negative conception about agriculture, thus farming therapy program designed those young people, who are unemployed in the community. In thi...

4-H Scholarship and educational Support Program

 Government of Nepal haven’t formulated effective plan for geographically backward people. For the most part, Himalaya's remote area which is located in China boarder, people are back-warded from infrastructure and well-educational development. On the other hand, recently beat major Shocks and aftershocks collapsed more than 6 million houses and almost 7 thousand schools have damaged. Hence, thousand of children's are directly affected by the earth-quake. They have lost their textbook, cloths (school uniform) and they haven't money for day lunch, even parents too. , suppress community and s...

Socio-Psycho- Counselling

Heavy struck earthquake harmed to mostly children, underprivileged and aged group. More than 15 thousand children have lost their family and many children are displaced. Due to this circumstance, they have a psychological problem, so they ought to take motivational counselling class in this situation. Socio-Psycho-Counselling is national-wide mass counselling and motivational campaign. This campaign will organize in remote areas, government school and back warded community. The expertise will give earthquake related positive practical Knowledge, massage and they will furnish out some practi...