Youth to Youth (Y2Y)

Banner foto5Youth to youth program is focusing on to share the experience, knowledge, expertise and skill base training for youth to youth. This program will conduct on the basis of sharing and caring likewise, one youth to another youth, one place to another place and national to international ideas will share. This activity will build self- reliance, life skill, learning method and agriculture issue.

Youth to youth is a newly establish model to empower the young people.  It will affective to gain skill and knowledge. 4-H Nepal’s design Youth to youth program for villagers, illiterate, backward and indigenous youth. 4-H Nepal club is to think for affluent world, take initiative to involve and participate with youth for using their skill, knowledge, experience and capacity. This type of capacity will change into sustainable development, employment and social transformation. As youth participation has been hugely changing in youth agriculture development by using 4-H approach throughout the world.

4-H Nepal have been establishing and issuing this constitution for increase the youth development and participation in agriculture of Nepal. It is also considering other such requirement.