No Cheating Campaign (NCC)

In Nepali context SLC (School Leaving Certificate) is call Iron Gate for student. Their answer sheet delivered in different region and zone for the check. At that time student have pressure for exam preparation. Due to this condition student’s parents and exam center do not control to the cheating system.

This year, 4-H ‘No Cheating’ awareness program was conducted one weak (23 March to 30 March, 2015) campaign in Bajhang district. 4-H Nepal has coordinated with local parents and local schools for banned the cheating system. Parents were volunteered in every exam hall. At that time they have not been allowing to people gather nearby hall, and banned the cheat deliver system from windows.

Tightly applied restriction and peaceful environment made the 4-H Nepal mission succeed. Thus this year Bajhang’s SLC exam rule and regulation became changed. This awareness program give away beneficial to 1 hundred 65 SLC appear students.